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In order to have a better world, we must first have a world of better men.
-Herb Scobie minn32

About Triangle Fraternity

All Triangle Fraternity brothers strive to be leaders in the campus, local community, and their chosen fields of studies. In order to do so our brothers and volunteers are aware of our mission statement and objectives. Triangle’s purpose is as follows:

The purpose of Triangle shall be to maintain a fraternity of engineers, architects and scientists. It shall carry out its purpose by establishing chapters that develop balanced men who cultivate high moral character, foster lifelong friendships, and live their lives with integrity.

The objectives of Triangle Fraternity are as follows:

  • To help develop the highest standards of personal integrity and character,
  • To foster and provide an intellectual, mature environment for its members through individual and group effort and through the mutual companionship of men with similar professional interests and goals,
  • To foster and provide the broadening experience of fraternity living with its social and moral challenges and responsibilities for the individual and the chapter,
  • To recognize and support the objectives and goals of the alma mater and those of the community through responsible participation and action,
  • To help bridge the gap between undergraduate study and the vocation of the individual in industry, the academic world or government,
  • To foster and maintain a bond of fraternal brotherhood through a continuing program of activity for the alumni, and
  • To bring into focus the elements of planned progress for the betterment of mankind

Learn more about our purpose, history, awards, and our national orinization here.

About Utah Triangle Chapter

Founded: August 2013

Installed: April 25, 2015

The idea to start a Utah Chapter was first suggested to Utah alumni brother Jeff Thomas utah14 from Colorado State Chapter brother Tyler Green csu11. Jeff began to work with National Headquarters to begin the colonization process along with Shane Shoemaker utah14 and Rex Knickerbocker utah14. Initial colony members shared an interest in the outdoors, which lead to many of the recruitment events taking place in the mountains and parks around campus. In October of 2013, the Utah Colony of Triangle petitioned to become a member of the Inter-fraternal Council at the University of Utah and was accepted. The Utah colony continued to grow both in numbers and structure. In the winter of 2015 the formally submitted their petition to charter Triangle Fraternity’s National Council.

About Greek Life

Most colleges have fraternity and sorority houses on campus. Collectively, these groups are called the “Greek system,” because each house is named after two or three letters of the Greek alphabet. There are social Greek organizations, as well as those dedicated to a particular profession, such as medicine, law, engineering, or journalism.

A lot of what you’ve heard about fraternities and sororities is true. There are plenty of “Animal House” antics going on. But frats and sororities aren’t just about all-night keggers and random hook-ups. Greek organizations do a lot of community service: they raise money for charities, volunteer in soup kitchens and for other community organizations, and organize food drives on campus. These events are great résumé builders, and employers see participation in Greek organizations as a plus. Among other things, it means that you have some measure of discipline and that you managed to maintain decent grades in college despite your extracurricular commitments.

Reasons to Go Greek

  • Lower dropout rate than non-Greek students
  • Instant community, which is crucial during your first year
  • Leadership opportunities, which will serve you well later in life
  • Community service that will add credits to your résumé
  • Support structure, which helps students when they are going through hard times
  • Tutoring and academic support
  • Parties, parties, parties!
  • Intramural sports
  • Nice houses
  • Networking opportunities after graduation

Learn more about The University of Utah's Greek System here.


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The Utah Triangle Administration takes on the responsibility of organizing, completing, and storing of all important Utah Triangle documents. Our main goal is to stay in touch with Triangle's National organization to ensure that our information is %100 up to date with theirs. All information we receive from members is kept secure and is only given to organizations (such as Triangle Nationals and the University of Utah) whose goals align with our own of creating opportunities for our members with the purpose of building better men.


The Utah Triangle Treasury shares the purpose, "[We shall] develop balanced men who cultivate high moral character, foster lifelong friendships, and live their lives with integrity". All triangle funds are handled with the upmost care and are only used for activities and programs that have the purpose of building better men.

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External Affairs

Utah Triangle External Affairs serves to unite Triangle with other external organizations. Our goal is to promote relations with other organizations, primarily with other Greek chapters on the row. Events from this department usually consist of, but are not limited to, date nights, exchanges and formal events.

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